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Our Passion!


Chicchi Di Caffe uses sustainably sourced organic beans from leading coffee growing regions in South America, Asia and Africa.  We select only the freshest  green beans carefully to ensure our consistently high quality and sample daily on a batch-by-batch basis to ensure consistency in flavour.





Nectar of the Gods! a true espresso style, so perfectly crafted it's smooth but with a hit.

This one lingers on the palette well after the coffee has finished.

Medium strong, notes of Swiss chocolate, hints of orange peel. All carried with a fine balance of acidity and sweetness.

This new Costa Rican Blend is our new favourite with it's combination of roast profiles!

Ambrosia is a blend that has been designed to give the cafe owner the highest poosible chance of success.Our most recent blend,possibly our giant slayer!

Peru,Brazil,Colombian,Costa Rican and Indian





Sounds weird tastes good.

We have developed  this coffee blend specially over the years  to then be given the most careful and exacting treatment by our master roasting technician.Winkipop is a nutty, dark cocoa blend that is more like some of the older traditional Italian coffees, however we roast it to a perfect finish which means, slightly darker it is never burnt. Truly, it is an adult coffee.

Flavour Profile.Dark cocoa, full bodied, buttery mouth feel, spiced, toffee caramel mid palette.

Brazil,Colombian,Costa Rican,PNG and Indonesian.Roasted to Perfection.


This smooth blend of the finest coffee beans is darkly roasted to deliver the strong flavour of traditional Italian espresso.
Rich and strong. Balanced flavour. Smooth, intense, chocolaty with full body and gently persistent aftertaste.Colombian, Brazil,Indonesian and a small hit of Indian Cherry.


Costa Rican SO     

The coffee bean is grown in volcanic soils at 2400-5700 feet  above sea level.  This is a hard bean which requires a bit of extra attention from us here at Chicchi. Hints of sweet citrus, gentle,a smooth and moderate body with a nutty  toffee finish. We put this through our home espresso machine again recently and found distictive almondine hints.
My favourite way to drink it is as a double ristretto, latte.
Colombian SO
This 100% single origin sourced from the mountain valley plantations is soft and delicate with a mild, pleasant and smooth finish.
It has an amazing mouthfeel so typical of a good Colombian. Mild nutty  flavours with plenty of sweetness.
Any wonder it's one of the worlds favourite single origins.
Peruvian Organic SO RFA     
A strictly high grown organically grown arabica. This has been very popular with may single origin brewers with a lovely smooth, earthy sweet finish.
Well worth a try for those after something different.
So please contact us direct regarding availabilty to avoid disappointment.
It's also a 100% Rain Forest Alliance bean!
De Caffeinated Columbian SO Organic 
It's hard to believe that this bean is Di-Caffe. The flavour although different from our standard Columbian is still full flavoured and exciting to drink. It still offers the whole coffee experience minus the caffiene.
We only use the Swiss Water method of extracting the caffiene as opposed to the the chemical method which many suppliers of beans use.
We feel this is the healthier approach!